Welcome to the Enneagram Personality Type Survey!

(Based on a survey developed by American psychologist Susan Rhodes.)

This survey consists of 45 statements.

To complete this survey, please rate each statement (on a scale from 0 to 5), based on the degree to which you agree with the statement.

0. I often feel a sense of longing, without really knowing why.

0. I have a forceful personality.

0. Making other people laugh helps me feel less anxious.

0. I feel like I don't really belong in any group of people.

0. I tend to feel irritated rather quickly.

0. I create harmony in my environment.

0. I prefer to deeply think through a problem, before I take action.

0. Although I can easily imagine panicking in a crisis, whenever I experience real emergencies, I tend to act effectively.

0. Getting a job done right is more important than getting a job done quickly.

0. I value originality more than success.

0. I deeply love introducing people and helping them get to know one another.

0. Faith and trust are hard for me, because I tend to doubt things which most people seem to take for granted.

0. I tend to work so often that I rarely take time to reflect on my thoughts and emotions.

0. I feel an urge to escape whenever I encounter situations which require a long-lasting emotional commitment.

0. I love to concentrate on exactly one thing at a time and distractions deeply annoy me.

0. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the image I project and the person I really am.

0. My first instinct is always to help people, whether or not they ask for it.

0. People see me as a natural leader.

0. In a group situation, I usually prefer to blend in, rather than take the lead or voice objections.

0. Being authentic matters more to me than material success.

0. I have so many ideas throughout the day, that it can be hard to work on just one idea at a time.

0. I’m very aware of the impression I make on others.

0. Giving, caring, and sharing are more important to me than anything else.

0. Impartial listening comes easily to me.

0. I have the strength to take on tasks which would defeat a weaker person.

0. My tendency to think positively can sometimes feel like an addiction.

0. Because I do so much for others, I sometimes feel entitled to special treatment.

0. Public recognition means a lot to me.

0. When I walk into a room full of people, I immediately sense who's in charge.

0. I enjoy puzzling out ingenious solutions to unusual problems.

0. I find public displays of emotion unappealing.

0. Most people see me as non-judgmental and easy-going.

0. Living my life in accordance with my personal ethics and principles is extremely important to me.

0. I can adapt my behavior to any situation.

0. I try to keep my options open.

0. Tolerance comes easily to me.

0. I rarely embrace ideas that haven’t stood the test of time.

0. Friends describe me as warm, romantic, and affectionate.

0. I tend to be more critical and judgemental than most other people.

0. I always protect what’s mine.

0. I enjoy novelty and avoid routine.

0. I'm very loyal to people who have earned my trust.

0. I’m a systems thinker who can separate thought from emotion.

0. I value intellectual exchange more than emotional sharing.

0. Many people find me quite emotionally intense or dramatic.

Congratulations! Here are your results:

Type 1

The Perfectionist


Type 2

The Giver


Type 3

The Performer


Type 4

The Romantic


Type 5

The Observer


Type 6

The Loyal Skeptic


Type 7

The Epicure


Type 8

The Protector


Type 9

The Mediator